Happy Invasion Day:

Being Invasion Day I thought it fitting I write something about patriotism.

It’s fucking hot, so hot I’ve managed to spend the entire day, thus far, naked in front of the fan listening to the Hottest 100 count down and sipping bubbles.

A few friends over for an Italian antipasto roast—-for which I graciously sported a sarong—and now… for a little something from Leonard on what I deem to be a little bit c o u n t r y . . .

You went to the UN
And became a spy
For a South American government
Because you cared for nothing
And you spoke Spanish
That was several years after we made love
In the honey air of autumn Montreal:
Athens was beautiful in the old days
The drug stores were free
We knew ten great cities by heart
Death to the powers
Who have destroyed the style of travel
Let them stutter their bland secrets
Over your long legs and tall fingers
Let them have your wooden love
Death to the Junta
Death to the Passport Control.

Pg 124. The Energy of Slaves.


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