I am hungover and having my hair done, again in front of the fan in a sarong.

I adore Jayde.

Especially because she comes over to my apartment to do my hair and doesn’t mind me prancing about in a muumuu and being online, just as long as I tilt my head this way and that way from time to time.

This little arrangement not only allows me to drink and smoke but it also makes it possible to prattle out a wee blog despite hours and hours of hair surgery.

I was youtubing Imogen Heap while all of this was going on and felt delighted to learn that she has uploaded a cover of hers singing Cohen’s Hallelujah, which I would like to share with you.

Oh and while we’re at it:

Shit. My lighter just caught on fire. Heartbeat.

And this. Mainly for comedic value:

Foils are due to come out.

Excuse me.


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