Antony Hegarty.

I first learned of ‘Antony’ Christmas day just passed, lying on my sisters couch (which is actually my couch, but in her house) watching Lina Lunson’s documentary on Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man.

The moment he started singing I sat upright and stared, transfixed at the television screen.

I’m seeing Antony perform this evening at The Sydney Opera House as a part of The Sydney Festival and only learning of the man a month ago I was unsure as to whether I’d actually manage to secure a ticket in time. The delightful ticketing agent I spoke to on the phone informed me that there were just tickets left when I called and agreed to seat me in her favorite ‘piano performance seat.’ Right above his hands and mic, in the overhead booth, second on the left.

I am so excited.

For more information on Antony see:

“I like the idea that my family is a participant, that there is this unbroken line of life in me that goes back to the beginning of creation, through all of my ancestors,” Hegarty says. “Maybe something of their spirits has been retained through every generation. I’ve been thinking about my singing and about trying to open myself beyond my local sense of self. Maybe I could give voice to an ancestor, let my great-great-grandmother sing the song herself. It doesn’t have to be just about me. That idea can be very powerful. As an artist, it’s a rich reservoir of experiences to draw upon. You can stretch out beyond your local sense of self and invite ghosts to be a part of your process.”

Also, a link to an awesome article I happened upon today.

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