A Kite is a Victim.

A kite is a victim you are sure of.

You love it because it pulls
gentle enough to call you master,
strong enough to call you fool;

because it lives like a desperate trained falcon in the high sweet air
and you can always haul it down to tame it in your drawer.

A kite is a fish you have already caught in a pool where no fish come,
so you play him carefully and long, and hope he won’t give up, or the wind die down.

A kite is the last poem you’ve written, so you give it to the wind, but you don’t let it go
until someone finds you something else to do.

A kite is a contract of glory that must be made with the sun,
so you make friends with the field
the river
and the wind,
then you pray the whole cold night before,

under the traveling cordless moon,

to make you worthy
and lyric
and pure.

Cartoon located incautiously online, thanks to Shawn Dean whom I have borrowed from.


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