A Victory Over Suffering.

‘I don’t think anyone gets in to this kind of rigourous activity unless they’re suffering.’

– Leonard Cohen on becoming a zen monk.

I wanted to write something about depression today.

I had a phone conversation with a good, new friend I made while undertaking the Vipassana course in the Blue Mountains last November.

The course, for those unfamiliar with lasts for a duration of 12 days and 10 days whereby participants take a vowe of noble silence, as well as obstaining from killing, lying, stealing, fucking and sleeping in.

I’ve spoken extensively about this experience to friends and family, all of whom seem to find it funny I managed to make friends at a silence retreat, or ‘Shush Camp’ as my mother endearingly refers to it.

Needless to say I did make friends, three women in particular have, in my opinion become really good friends. One of whom I phoned yesterday afternoon under the grapevines in my parents garden before hitting the F3 and driving back to Sydney with my sister.

She seemed surprised to learn that my life had taken a wee sharp turn for the worst and was encouraging me to stay fit and focused.

Easier said than done.

Another girlfriend of mine once said, ‘It’s hard to do nice things for your enemies when you’re depressed, you’re the enemy. You don’t take take your enemies for long walks on the beach or feed them carrots nopw do you? ‘

Which is kind of we’re I’m at currently.

I’d like to sleep for a thousand years.

Though I am still maintaining this blog, which is no easy feat, and something I continue to be proud of.

I don’t really have the time currently to head back up to the Blue Mountains for a full 12 days but maybe a weekend here and there is in order at this current juncture of mine.

In the interim, however, I wanted to share a clip of an interview I found today with Leonard Cohen and some rather obtrusive journalist, on the topic of depression.


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