I Lost My Way, I Forgot.

How’s this for a round-about little tale…

Mount Baldy Zen Center… right… is a Rinzai Zen monastery I first heard about while reading Cohen’s Book Of Longing a few years ago, as I have mentioned in an earlier post.

Now Mount Baldy is located in the San Gabriel Mountain of the Angeles National Forest region and was founded in 1971 by Kyozan Joshu Sasaki.

That’s Leonard’s Joshi that you often hear him speak of whenever he discusses his whole ordained monk shabang. Joshi gets a few mentions in several of Cohen’s poems written on the mount where he spent several years living in splendid isolation from 1994 before that whole bankruptcy debacle, which I will write about some other time.

What I learned today was that the monastery serves as residence for Sasaki, (and is the training center for monastics in his lineage, of course) but what I didn’t know i that Sasaki is 102… and still kickin’.

Now this story get’s a little round-about when I jumped on Facebook this afternoon and found myself befriending a man by the name of Bodhi– a rolfing master– who studied under Sasaki… at Mount Baldy.

We got to chatting and a discussion of blogging and the function of blogging, the point of blogging came to a head.

He forwarded me this link:

Why Blog?


(I failed to successfully embed this bad boy…  Sorry folks.)

And now I’m forwarding you this poem:

Poem 50: From The Book of Mercy.

I lost my way, I forgot to call on your name.
The raw heart beat against the world,
and the tears were for my lost victory.

But you are here.

You have always been here.

The world is all forgetting,
and the heart is a rage of directions,
but your name unifies the heart,
and the world is lifted into its place.

Blessed is the one who waits in the traveller’s heart for his turning.


Ya dig?


Oh and this from the LA Times, which I dig.



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