Rigpa, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and A Brief Mention of Periods Late:

I really feel like audio blogging this bad boy tonight.

But alas, my iRiver is somewhere I can’t bare the thought of locating, let alone find.

I like talking in to my dictaphone. I recorded some 65 hours of my novel on my dictaphone once upon a time.

That was then.

Today has been hard, tiring, teary and long…

It was a toss up between connecting with someone human this afternoon or having a massage. I trust you can see the difference between the two.

Having spent the weekend teary and tired I opted for the human connection, which has worked out swimmingly really.

I love phoning a friend.

I never used to deem it necessary.

I used to think my ugliness should be kept private. I tend to branch out a little more these days. Dial the number. Make the call. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

I monitored a lot of stories today about Sydney’s notorious suicide spot– The Gap.

Did you know an Australian suicides every four hours?

I don’t mean to bother anyway. I am not feeling suicidal. Not in the slightest. Tis just my period was late, up until this afternoon, and the news, well… I think I may have mentioned before… the news is getting me down.

While waiting for my dial-a-friend to arrive I phoned another. We got to talking about Vipassana and Buddhism and that old familiar shoe– the Black Dog.

My friend spoke of Rigpa, which I’d not heard of before. And so I got to googling while still on the phone to her and happened upon a delightful little connection.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying is a tome I’ve been meaning to read  for the passed few months. Leonard loves it and I love Leonard. And Rigpa is based largely upon it’s teachings, or so I’ve understood thus far.

Is that enough?

What more do you need?

What more do I need?

A cuddle. A bath. A good feed and maybe, tomorrow, a massage.




c. Charwei Tsai.

2 Responses to “Rigpa, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying and A Brief Mention of Periods Late:”
  1. Nova says:

    Since you’ve already been busy Googling, you’ve probably seen this…but just in case:


  2. Hey thanks for the link. Looks awesome. I shall see if I can secure myself a place in time. x.

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