More Than A Feeling:

I had written this evenings entry in my head entirely while in my Bikram class this afternoon.

I had wanted to write about Stephen Fry and some old black dog action when I hurried home and learned it was almost 6pm.

With a date with neighbor tee-ed up for 7pm I was short on blogging time and full of hunger.

My sister threw me a double free pass to see The Men Who Stare At Goats at The Verona upon exit last time she stayed.

I’d been meaning to schedule in a screening for the past week but what with work– and more work– and a rather funky set of stay-at-home-and-mainly-sleep-or-cry circumstances I’d still not managed to get my ass to the cinema in time.

Tonight, however, was different. Good even. Perfect actually.

I will write a gob smackingly stunning review of this film at a later date when my eyeballs are not hanging out of my head and it’s not nearly midnight and I’ve work in the early morning… but in the interim, may I just add… I have seen two really perfect films in the last week– and being of the ilk that often bunkers down early or does not find pennies enough to budget for such encounters– this film has really shaped my day in to something much more than what I’d expected.

The Men Who Stare At Goats:

– Leonard Cohen. A Book Of Longing.


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