Newtown Franklins & That Odd Stranger With A Crack Pipe in His Back Pocket:

I thought of throwing this in today.

I thought of throwing in all of it today.

Until a friend paid me a visit, commented on how fucking uncharacteristically disorderly my apartment had become and dragged me out for a drive and spot of lunch.

I spent the morning trying not to think about how powerless this whole writing gig can be at times.

Basically, I know I can’t control who reads anything I write and I do tend to write a lot about my life.

My life lately has been tumultuous, to say the least.

And some days I feel very much like disappearing.

Away from communication.

Away from the enemy…

A friend mentioned something last night over dinner that I thought was particularly cool. He said he often thought of refusing all forms of modern technological communications, excepting letters.

I think I liked the notion so much I lost my phone my phone that evening, which was not only particularly uncharacteristic of me but also really quite nice.

I was thinking maybe my computer, my address and my blog could find themselves lost next.

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