Infidelity & Medical Certificates:

‘I’ve been where you’re hanging

I think I can see how you’re pinned.’

– Sisters of Mercy.

I’ve had an acute gastrointestinal bug for a few days now. As such I’ve been mainly sleeping and well… shitting.

This was bareable at the weekend. Completely unmanageable when it comes to work though, which is measurement in increments of minutes and seconds.

So I’m off for three days while the bug works its merry little way out of my system.

Good times.

While at the GP I decided an STD check may be something worthwhile, in addition to the challenge of trying to shit in to a specimen jar.

To be honest, something that’s been plaguing me since ‘The Break-up’ has been the fidelity of my ex-. Or rather lack there of.

It’s a prickly pear, and a bloody nasty position to place another person in. Still, my story is not unique. I’m not the first person to find themselves giving blood and swabs and then… you know… waiting.

According to Chinese medicine irritable bowels– and the ensuing rivers of shit– are all associated with grief. I know that much. I accept that. I also know that what I’m most adverse to is being lied to.

That old chestnut.

I have it through a source, or five, that I do in fact have good reason for concern.


And so over the few days as I rest and repair I shall also wait.

Wait for the news.

And then maybe head up to the Blue Mountains for the weekend to work it all out again Vipassana-style.

Either way, wherever you go, there you are, huh.

Sisters of Mercy.

One Response to “Infidelity & Medical Certificates:”
  1. Beck says:

    Being lied to is the most cunting of them all.

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