Cats & Dogs Are Not Our Friends. They Just Pretend.

A lover once told me that if I really wanted to improve my googling rankings I should write about cats.

I let out a big, raucous laugh at the time.


I also don’t really like cats. Or rather, I don’t really understand them.

We didn’t have cats growing up, we had dogs.

I was petting a nanny’s feline one evening by a fire place. I must’ve eight or so. The cat was purring really loudly, nuzzling up to me, writhing over my chest– and then it bit me.

I’ve since made a concerted effort to get to know cats.

I don’t like to think of myself as someone once bitten, twice shy.

I think that’s lazy. And equally annoying. I like to think of myself as someone who says something about the big, grey elephant in the middle of room– rather than ignore it– change the subject, or talk about myself.

So I’ve always made time for cats.

Though I do get particularly scared of them when I’m stoned.

As an aside, I roasted a citrus chook the other night and took it up to my friends place for film night. She has a cat and it turns out cats like chicken.

My friend ducked out to meet a man about  dog while I stayed home with said cat. She’d been climbing in and of my Zegna bag all night. So I decided to feed her. Now I don’t really know how much cats eat. They’re pretty little and growing up I always fed our rather large dogs as much as I’d eat. I always used to feed the sheep and goats on a friends Permaculture farm in Yamanashii– but never a cat.

Placing a small stream of juicy breast in her bowl I poured myself a glass of wine, sat back and settled in for the show.

She behaving as though she’d hunted and gathered, throwing the flesh up in to the air, boxing it with her paws as it landed, jumping up and down around the kitchen, a wee Corroboree before the supper.

Pretty cute.

Needless to say we’re now great friends. She slept on my chest that night and on my feet last night. She seems calmer too. Less frenetic. She sleeps more. She’s chill.

And now for a spot of poetry:

And now for some snaps of my travels involving cats and dogs.

One Response to “Cats & Dogs Are Not Our Friends. They Just Pretend.”
  1. Nova says:

    I like that you talk about the elephant.

    I’m also rather a fan of cats.

    N xx

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