How To Get Laid.

‘Lift me like an olive branch, be my homework done.‘ – Dance Me To The End Of Love.

I have had an exceptional day.

A great day.

A good day.

I woke early, of course. Can’t not. And made myself a simple breakfast before heading out and in to the day. The only thing I’d actually scheduled for my day was an early morning sojourn to the GP to pick up those potentially nasty STD results.

Turns out they weren’t so nasty after all.

Not at all in fact.


New day. Clean slate.


Somewhat elated by this fact– and a very genuine discourse with my GP about genetic counseling, genetic predispositions to illness and insurance– I felt like walking.

So I walked and walked and walked.

I didn’t care where. Or how. I just felt like moving. And listening to Radiohead/Iron & Wine.

I found my delightfully newly pedicured feet trapsing their way to Paddy’s Markets all on their little own-some.

I purchased a shitload of green veges for $8.00 then mosied on home, bought a chook and ate some kimchi before napping the afternoon away.

I woke tired and well rested all at once. Sent a few text messages out and in to the world then headed to my local with the paper for a sunny afternoon all to myself.

Prior to heading out I jumped on line to send a few emails, see if anyone cares to employ me and/or you know… want me to be in some other city doing some other thing.

An old friend was on Facebook and we had an awesome chat about dark turning to light; about shit turning sweet. About us. She added to my day. And she made my day. She’s pretty fucking special. Half   a world away.

I left my apartment feeling light.

(A week of gastro will do that to you.)

And I feeling free.

(Leaving a bad relationship will do that to you.)

At the pub I met some lovely randoms who cared to join my table of only me.

We had some good discussions about parenting and seducing and living and relocating. Which I liked.

Then there’s this guy that works there.

This guy whom I think is kinda cool and kinda adorable and kinda single.

I invited him over for roast chicken and you know…

and he’s arriving now so like… I gotta go. x.


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