A Cloud Lifts:

Today has been no different.

A shift has certainly taken place.

I see it everywhere I go.

A greater appreciation of architecture, flower petals, a childs cough.

I notice it in the flirty eyes of my barista.

I notice it in myself.

The laundry, a shower, waiting– all of these things seem sweeter somehow.

Even the incessant banshee screaming of my neighbors fucking bothers me less today– though my heart still goes out to him– she is rElEnTlEsS.

The heat of the Bikram studio.

The taste of kimchi on my tongue.

It’s all pretty fucking sweet really.

And so it is– as I had been told– the shit

is in

your pocket.

And irrespective of what you do or where you go

the shit comes with.

Until one day, finally,

it sorts itself out–

like oil and water

the debris rises to the surface

and you say:

Yes please and no thank you, in due course.

Good times.


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