Mondays, Office Politics and Imogen Heap:

I’ve got a deadline this afternoon that is fastly looming so I can’t spend too much time here today… I’ve got another roast on the go, as I am attempting to make my deadline of 4:30pm, dine with a friend and then get my heeled ass down to The Metro to see Imogen Heap by 8pm. Oh yeah, watch me fffffffffffly. Kudos also to my old school friend Darin for contacting me out of the blue and asking if I still thought she was cool– which I do– Oh how I do and then offering me a free ticket. Bless you noble man. And here she is.

The ever thoughtful Imogen Heap doing an acapella Leonard Cohen cover.

Oh and some more of Imogen because she’s so spesh and because I’m a bit excited:


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