Virgos, Chatroulette and The Future of Publishing:

I learned today, much to my delight, that like myself, Leonard Cohen is a Virgo– by a day. I had no idea he was a Virgo. Naturally, this excites me.

I was also reading today that Beautiful Losers was published when Cohen was 29 years old. I find comfort in this. As I also find comfort in something as cool as this:

I don’t have a lot of thoughts to share today to be honest. My mind is well and truly chugging along smoothly– in the gutter.




Actually, speaking of sex. I had a Chatroulette dinner party last night. Good times.

I uploaded this clip on to youtube for my guests to view:

To which we then stumbled upon this:

And this:

The natural progression seemed to be to jump on to and see what all the fuss was about.

Some 50 or so penises later I’d say we met a handful of really cool people. Two of whom happened to be a couple from Russia who lead us to this:

Good times.

So go on. Go make stuff.



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