I phoned my father yesterday to touch base and to inform him that I would be not returning to the family homestead, by the sea, in Newcastle for Easter.

I informed him that this decision was due largely to having committed to a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge, of which, I’m now three days in to. 30 classes in 30 days means I can’t leave Sydney.

He mentioned that he’d forwarded the link to my blog to an old friend of his, whom I wrote about many, many posts ago. The post was titled Happy As Larry.

If you recall I was writing about the sheer brilliance of Shaun Parker’s production and a guy I met in the lobby shortly after arriving at The Seymour Centre that day.

Somehow we’d gotten to talking about writing and Leonard Cohen. To which he then casually mentioned that a good friend of his had let Leonard crash on her coach for some six weeks while he was impoverished, hanging out in Hydra.

Impressed by this story, I asked my father if he could track down the woman so I could pick her brain about my rather zealous affections for Leonard Cohen.

My father recently met up with this woman at a school reunion, whereby he told her about his daughter and this blog she is writing.

He also mentioned that he’d referred to the blog as ‘… Ranty, as most blogs are.’

I told him that I don’t think my blogs are ‘ranty.’

He assured me that they were.


Anyway. This story and this day, in fact, were made doubly wonderful when my charming friend and writing-bungler-in-crime Pip Newling wrote me yesterday to inform me of her new books progress and that she was in fact, reading my blog.

Here’s a copy of her message, which I’m hopeful she doesn’t mind me re-posting. Swing me a line if you do Pip.
“Hey Ms. Coffey, great blog on Bikram et al. Glad you made it through and I got to meet you. Funnily ( or not) I am about to go to a 60th birthday party for one of Steve Spear’s great friend. Rob (and Maureen his wife) looked after him throught his illness. I will pass on your story -it will make Rob smile! Thanks Alex. You are also an inspiration. xx Pip.”

I was honored to learn that Spear’s carers would be privy to the story I wrote this week on my not-so-brief relationship with Bikram yoga.

Absolutely honored.

As I am that so many of you read my ‘ranty blog.’


One Response to “Feedback.”
  1. Jayde Turner-Ledwidge says:

    so ranty! faaaaaaabulous

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