How To Speak.

I once spent six months speaking on roof tops in Tokyo, recording my memoirs in to a dictaphone, overlooking the city.

I was pleased by the the rhythm and the cadence of my voice. I like my voice.

One evening, some months later, thieves broke in to my car.

The car was in Paddington.

The thieves were in Paddington.

My glove box was full of these MP3 recordings.

I returned to my vehicle to find my glove box empty.

I didn’t write a word for an entire year.

For fear of losing… even more.

2 Responses to “How To Speak.”
  1. Leanne Moffat says:

    Brava!!! I did the same thing, re an asshole man. My voice, and yours, did come back . Good lesson for others. And, my god, you look like Marianne Faithfull in that photo!! Is that you? A ringer! And MArianne is tooooo coool! Love you.

  2. Indeed, tis me… Marianne Faitfull? Really?

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