Lian Lunson.

“If it is your destiny to be this labor called a writer you know that you’ve got to go to work everyday.  But you also know that you’re not going to get it everyday.”

– L. Cohen. I’m Your Man documentary.

A girlfriend phoned me late this afternoon to ensure I had at least one human conversation today– and to ask me if I’d seen this documentary:

I had of course, seen the documentary, and delighted in the opportunity to drag myself away from my Ian Reed Foundation Writer in Residence Program Submission (mouthful) to engage in something other than a screen and a keyboard.

I actually owe this documentary, in part, to the conception of this blog.

I was at my brother and sisters place (next to my folks place) Christmas day of last year when dad unwrapped a Chrissie present from my sister. The contents of which was Lian Lunson’s ‘I’m Your Man’ documentary.

As the family doddled off to church I lay on the couch in all my pajama-ed glory, cracked open a beer and put the documentary on.

I watched it three times in a row.

Now I’m not a huge fan of the McGarrigle sisters (or Rufus Wainwright) to be honest. I think the McGariggle’s are a wee bit Witches of Macbeth for my palate and Rufus, while an interesting enough human, is a tad camp for my sensibilities. I really do love his rendition of Chelsea Hotel #2 in this film, and the remaining smörgåsbord of artists rendered me profoundly mute. It really is a fine documentary.

Beth Orton:

The Witches Macbeth:

Nick Cave:

I wrote to the director, Lian Lunson that very same afternoon to tell her as much. I added her on Facebook and detailed to her the specifics of my Christmas day spent on the couch, watching her documentary. She wrote back the following day thanking me and also making a few jibes about all things Christmas day. I liked her response.

I write all of this today– on a day– when I feel that my destiny is very much a labor, and yet, I go to work.

I continue to write.

Knowing that I’m not going to get it everyday.

But that that’s the gig.

That’s the deal.

If it be your will.

(Many of these clips are now disabled upon request.)

Leonard and Lian and Bono.

One Response to “Lian Lunson.”
  1. Norman Gillespie says:

    I’m Your man is indeed a fine documentary. I had the great good fortune to work at the Sydney Opera House for five years, and one of the unforgettable (and unrepeatable) concert highlights during my time was ‘So Far From Beauty’ a tribute to Leonard Cohen. Over 20 top named artists lined up to interpret Cohen including Anthony (Anthony and the Johnsons) and Nick Cave. We were missing only kd lang in the line, another great interpreter (‘Songs from the 49th parallel’). The concert took place in the concert hall and was a marathon, lasting nearly four hours and still the crowd was on its feet wanting more. How amazing then that footage of that show found its way into this documentary – an important Sydney connection.

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