And All I’ve Ever Learned From Love Is How To Shoot Somebody Who Out Drew Ya…

I have had a mad, mad, stupendously successful day of meetings and formatting and writing and submitting. And a rather horrific encounter with Australia Post, which I shall detail at a later date.

What I’d like to write about this evening, however, is a question that was posed to me at the end of a business meeting this afternoon by a new colleague, and from all accounts, a rather impressive human.

This particular gentleman met with a friend of mine recently who mentioned my blog and all but bullied him in to reading it, I’m sure.

Which he did.

Which is great.

Because he liked it.

From little things big things grow, right?

So as we were wrapping up our meeting he said that he had a question for me. The question stumped me and it is with much lament I admit that I could not proffer an adequate response.

He asked me what it means to shoot someone who out drew you.

Nice question.

I’ve been thinking all afternoon of an articulate response.

But have only arrived at further questions. Bloody Leonard.

I’ve heard it argued that Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah is a homage to the orgasm.

But that doesn’t answer my new friends question.

Biblically, if we look at the story of King David (who held the rather esteemed title of “Gods Composer”) we learn that this man, this King lusted after Bathsheeba as she bounced about on her roof top naked and took a bath. Struggling with his own lust King David then of course  kills her husband and proceeds to seduce the bathing woman.

At a guess, I’d say the line:

And all I’ve ever learned from love is how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya

is an inference to the man he shot and the subsequent guilt he must’ve felt from this kind of impulse.

I don’t know though, and as such would love to hear your thoughts.

I suggested to this gentleman that perhaps the line is just one of things that you have to feel, one of those things that you can experience but never fully explain, like Synecdoch New York, for example. To which he said, “I think Leonard knew exactly what he was talking about.”

Clever man.

2 Responses to “And All I’ve Ever Learned From Love Is How To Shoot Somebody Who Out Drew Ya…”
  1. Papa says:

    Relax…it rhymes with Halleluiah. (and the myriad ways to spell it)
    Don’t let it fool ya.

    That’s all.

  2. “Papa” has spoken.

    Though, don’t you reckon pappa necessitates a second ‘P’?

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