I first learned of Phrenology when I was studying psychology last year. And was then again reminded of it at Christmas when my sister handed me this card:

The contents of which I found really poignant and have chosen to share here today as I’ve been listening to The Roots and I’m about to head home for a “Family weekend.”

She writes; (and she has the coolest handwriting…)


Although most days

you don’t think

I get your brain…

I like to think

that I do…

The being kindred spirits

we don’t walk this place alone…


we have each other

to see how much we’ve grown…

Love your sibling. V.x.

It meant a lot to me at the time, and still does. I keep it above my stove and stare at it often as I cook.

Today I pulled it off the wall and thought you… you are going to be todays blog little man… and I pulled out all my psychology text books and wondered if that might be something I’d care to continue studying, again…

And then I fell asleep.


So I guess that answers that one.

Then I got to thinking about this weekend and which parts of my brain were happy about it and which were’nt.

My brain changed yesterday. I know it. I even looked different in the mirror. I was then curious to learn that, upon further inspection, our perceptions of size and weight and order and colour are all nesting neatly right behind the eyes.

Makes sense, ne?

Then I recalled an awesome interview with my mate Leonard, where he mentioned that the nuerological synapses in ones brain start to deteriorate as one ages… His thesis was simple, you tend to outgrow a lot of your thought processes. You don’t really solve them. You just outgrow them.

I don’t really have much more to say to be frank.

About that or much else.

My dinner guest has just arrived and is encouraging me to sign off. To admit defeat. And to turn up The Roots.


Phrenology is the fifth studio album by American hip hop band The Roots, released November 26, 2002 on Geffen Records. Following the breakthrough success of Things Fall Apart (1999), its release was highly anticipated and delayed, as recording took two years. A production of the Soulquarians collective,[1] Phrenology features contributions by Cody ChesnuTTMusiq SoulchildTalib Kweli, and Jill Scott. The album is named after the discredited pseudoscience of phrenology, the study of head shapes to determine intelligence and character, which was used to rationalize racism during the 19th century in the United States. Its cover art was created by artist/printmaker Tom Huck. Primarily a hip hop album,Phrenology also contains musical elements of rockjazz, and soul music.

2 Responses to “Phrenology:”
  1. Jezzabell says:

    Cad-e-lacks need space to roam, and where she’s headed for we don’t know…
    but if these blogs are anything to go by it’s far and beyond greatness and wise.
    Love the work, your work.
    Don’t go changing.

  2. Aww shucks lady… They be delicate words. Spanx. Next time I’ll remember to feed you. x.

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