Things That Make You Go Mmm…


after writing for four hours

things get deleted

they go missing

they vanish.

This becomes a double quandry as you regularly save drafts and do your best to cover your ass and make sure you reach the finish line each day with time to spare.

Today this has not happened.

Today I lose.

A lot.

I’m doubly pissed off as it was a great little blog, all about my mother and her Pinot Noir inspired rants on architecture and intellectual property.

And now it’s gone.

So fuck Leonard Cohen.

Fuck wordpress.

Fuck the government.

And fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

I’m off to find me some golf clubs…

Fucking hell…

One Response to “Things That Make You Go Mmm…”
  1. a friend says:

    your a total idiot!

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