Japanese Washing Machine Warfare.

There has been a great deal of washing machine warfare in my apartment building over the last few weeks. Loads and loads of both dirty and clean, wet and dry clothes have been strewn about the communal laundry and clothes line in a bold display of territorial washing.

The reason being, one of the two washers in this apartment building has broken and as such, traffic has grown a little congested here at 148.

I blame this on the Japanese.

Japanese women, specifically.

Japanese women, in my extensive experience with the species love to fucking launder clothes.

Every day.

They launder every day.

Which is cool. Being clean is cool. What’s not cool is the blatant disregard for communal laundering etiquette. Not cool.

Certain sensibilities are to be observed and respected, and they’re not being.

Not at all.

For example, myself and my lovely neighbor will often hang out other tenants laundry if their cycle is complete and we wish to use the washer.

It takes like five seconds. It’s not that big a deal.


Of late, I have returned to the washer only to find my completed load sitting wet and dripping in the basin with the fucking washing machine extension spurting shitty water all over my clean goods. This is rude. This is really rude.

As is skipping the queue, particularly on a Saturday.

As is laundering every fucking day really, if you think about it. All that water. I don’t understand…

So much so. I’m boycotting the whole operation. I have not now laundered in weeks. And intend to maintain this level of hygiene. Whatchu gonna do about it?


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