Plus Size Modeling: An Insight.

“I touched you once too often. Now I don’t know who I am.”

– L. Cohen.

I was recently approached to be the face of a new plus-size range for women.

The proposition filled me with all the usual suspects: anxiety about modeling; fear of staring down another camera lense;  all the standard trappings of selling a pound of flesh really for a few shackles.

Because it’s all advertising in the end, and to be fair, I’m always reluctant to sell myself at all.

Though I have.

Once or twice.

But at what cost?

It’s all in the eyes, right?

How a woman feels is all in the eyes.

So why don’t we see more images of models like Crystal Renn on billboards, in magazines, on TV or on our younger brothers bedroom walls?

Why not?

I think the answer is pretty simple, and pretty lame.

We’re supposed to want to be something that we’re not.


I think that’s what we’re all supposed to do.

We’re supposed to want ‘the other.’

Or the thing we’re presented with all the fucking time.

I only speak for myself, always, of course– but I felt a great sense of relief, and excitement, and stimuli researching all these images today.

It got be thinking, specifically about advertising in Australia.

And how we’re all so desperate to be something that we’re not.

And how exhausting

that becomes


To the people that love you.

And mainly for your beauty, right… not your neurosis,

and your chaos

and your drama–

And for you.


Cats are supposed to love you for you–

Whatever that may be.

Whenever that may be.

Including you.

And including me.

And maybe even including an industry that is so dominated by geographic isolation and gay fear–

That we can’t even think straight.

Let alone create.

And it’s curious, you know, where body image actually comes from. If I think about it. If you do. If we do. Largely, I think for women, it comes from their mums.

I know mine does.

Or at least does anytime the question of fashion or modeling comes in to play.

Which is odd, in many respects, because after so many years of all the self-flagelating bullshit that comes along with trying to be thinner, or taller, or edgier or whiter or more tan, or what the fuck ever… Something shifts.

Something makes it ok.

And then it is.





I actually think it’s quite powerful.

Being this much of a woman.

I mean, really…

Don’t you think?


5 Responses to “Plus Size Modeling: An Insight.”
  1. Greg says:

    You need to talk to BJ about this whole body image thing. She did a camp last holidays that was “girls only” camp. She made it her mission to have positive images portrayed and more to the point….real images.
    She arranged for guest speakers to talk to the girls, police women, a high ranking female navy officer, a vet etc etc. The idea was all about “you can do it”. The one thing she researched and finally got a hold of was a copy of the Dove ad – where they show the woman pre photo shoot – then track all the digital changes they make to her, remove the wrinkles, remove the blemishes, thin her down, lengthen her neck etc etc. The point was made and it is hoped that the girls got it.
    They spoke about all sorts of things from image to having children to love, marriage, the future, career etc. The camp was a success.
    She battles with girls a lot at camp with simple things like the way they dress. She had one girl there at another camp who she sent back to her cabin on 3 different occasions to dress more appropriately. Every top she had was off the shoulder, every pair was of shorts were crazy short, her hair was coloured….all at age 12. Her behaviour was “questionable” to say the least. It finally got too much and her general attitude was just too much to stand any longer and BJ made the decision to send her home because she was just too disruptive.
    When she made the call her dad was not all that surprised – he said she had become so rebellious of late. Mum came to pick her up………I will just let you finish the story….the apple does not fall from the tree…you said as much in your blog….lucky for you the apple was ripe – in this case it was rotten.

  2. Leanne Moffat says:

    I just, just love this. Well done.

  3. Papa says:

    By the way we want you in our ‘Raunch’ Parade Thursday 3rd of Feb. It a family affair.

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