Boxes and Blank Screens.

“Sometimes the challenge is just getting to the next moment. Sometimes you can barely move…

– Leonard Cohen on depression.

I’ve been staring at a lot of blank screens of late. A lot of the time I can be found staring at a flashing cursor for most of the day. This has gone on for a fortnight now. As such I’ve had to devise a system of maintaining this blog while I’d much rather sleep my life away… My plan is simple. I have, as I have mentioned, two full boxes of things I’ve written since I was a wee child sitting in a corner of my flat. I’ve been deliberating over when to unearth these bad boys, kind of afraid to let them all out to be honest, but a delightful Facebook chat today with one of my dearest friends today (whom is currently living an extraordinary life in Mexico) inspired me to crack the fucker open, see what’s inside, and dance around the contents. To my surprise, this process has really, really helped. So over the next few days and weeks I’d like to photo document a lot of what is inside these two boxes and upload them here for safe keeping. Maybe by trailing through the past I can escape the present in some sober sort of way… and ride this one out… cause it’ll pass. It always passes. Thanks Tim. x.

“… And the time came when the risk it took to remain in a tightly closed bud became infinitely more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

– Anais Nin.


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