As It Is.

We spent the day walking through China Town…

Eating the most exquisite Northern Chinese fair…




Nursing hangovers, and history.

He watches me, over the day, with concern–

Holding me up to the light, looking for cracks.

“More funk, less Leonard…”

He says this a lot.

“Branch out.”

Come walk with me…

He loves me, I remind myself as we shuck oysters and sip champagne and watch the sun set… He wants me to feel special today. I can see that.

He uses words like, disrespectful… and decorum…

He laments the fact my “date” seduced another in the bathroom over dinner…

It doesn’t matter much today though.

Not really.

I don’t feel meloncholic.

I don’t.

Not really.

Not deeply.

Not totally.

Everything as it is, not as you would have it be.



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