Today Was A Cunt.

A big, ugly gaping one

full of pain and yak–

I sobbed my way home through the city tonight

turning heads as I passed

for all the wrong reasons

I walk close to cars as they speed by

and consider walking a little too close–

I pass by my old work en route home.

Mr. Fuck Tard affords me an evil smirk.

He wins, I remind myself.

All the dickheads are in front again.

I can’t much bare the feeling

of being


of my life today–

Not at all.

I work for free it seems

and type quickly

as my electricity is due to be cut off

at any moment–

along with my ability to cope.

I don’t listen to music.

Least of all Leonard.

I don’t answer my phone.

I think a lot about drinking.

And my family.

And open windows…

A lot.

One Response to “Today Was A Cunt.”
  1. ‘I think a lot. . . . . .and my family’. . . .sends their love to you. . . especially Mama and Papa , prayers for a better day today. . Hugs Ma X

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