Chastity Belts–

The morning was a huge success– I opened all of my PAYG slips and tidied up my tax back pronto– The morning was warm, too warm for winter– My neighbor and I chuckling as we watched two pidgeons canoodle, kiss, flirt, then subsequently fuck– So speedily– as pigeons do– One quick swipe and he’s outta there.

“Are you watching this!?”

“Yeah, he got what he wanted, and now he’s outta there! What do you want to listen to?”

“But it was all over in a moment! Much too quick. Poor dear. Now she’s all pissed off.”

The afternoon grew and grew and I’d love to detail but I’ve neither the time nor the inclination right now. I’m due at a dinner party and it’s raining, I look like sozzled shit and the odds are stacked– A remarkable day though, in every sense.


Oh. Shit. Leonard.


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