A Night In Bed With Leonard Cohen.

So we’re half way through another 30 Bikram Yoga Challenge.

I’m a bit behind actually– due to work… but that’s cool. I’ll catch up. My skin has now marched beyond that initial stage of utter poxiness– as your body detoxifies and things really start to shift– into something quite smooth and lovely. So lovely in fact I can’t bare the thought of donning clothes and heading out in to the night for any number of reasons. I care to stay in. I’m all squeeky clean. I’ve retinted my hair pink. Baked a banging roast of kumera and zucchini and beetroot and kangaroo. I’ve poured myself a lovely glass of spicy Shiraz. I’ve cleaned my flat. I’ve mopped my floors. Ploughed through two rather heinous sinks of dishes– remnants of a busy week. I sit up straight. I chuckle to myself. I unwrap the present I bought myself yesterday. One for me and one for him. So tonight… I will crawl in to bed and spend some quality time with Leonards book of poems and prose, ‘Death of a Lady’s Man.’


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