Birthdays + Blinkers–

My hands are sticky–

my eyes are tired–

I don’t seem to have much of an appetite for bubbles lately–
It’s Spring in Sydney again, already– i got sunburnt today
while spending good money
on yummy carbonated alcoholic things–

Things I don’t regret–

You know, good things, nice things, hot things–

But it’s Sunday–
and Sunday makes a mess of folks, irrespective of the weather–


music grew stale..

folk grew uptight:

And didn’t know what to say–

And then…
Well then..

On this here, our never ending election night– here– have some politics.

Have some culture–

And then go try seek out yourself a wee bit of peace–

And it’s a funny night, really…

August 22nd always is…

In loving memory of my dear, darling cousin Phil;ip– whom would’ve turned all of 27 today… and whom, I’m sure, despite our differences, would’ve really grown to love Leonard, through me– But that’s the sticky– that’s the grief– He didn’t get to do much. He was all of six when we buried him. And I feel, each and every year I grow older. more and more guilty for not having lived more, done more, seen more, learnt more…

Birthdays and blinkers baby
I’m everything you’ve missed
you were six



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