While The Fake Tan Dries The Blog Shall Be Written.

So it’s the first day of Virgo today. It’s also my birthday–

Leonard’s a Virgo too. I didn’t know this prior to starting this blog.

There’s loads I didn’t know, to be fair.

But he’s the last day of Virgo, is Leonard. And I’m the first. So you know, marry that shit up nice and steady in to some sort of narrative– Lovely…

But first, you know, before I get all nostalgic about birthdays and aging and Leonard and Virgo’s– let me paint a scene.

I have spent the day really spoiling myself, hey.

I woke up at 5am, before my alarm, and watched the sun rise. I even had the nous to feel bad about it. My mind has been so busy of late with some hardcore filing, to be fair. And my birthday always causes me to think– A lot. So you know, that and the full moon and this 30 Day Challenge and my current state of career and health and romance– It’s a lot…

I perculated some coffee and did a shit, in that order. I lit some incense and opened the windows. I watered the plants and logged online. There was banter between Sydney and Mexico and Brighton and Helsinki and Tokyo. Facebook is an important tool. Abuse it if you must, but seriously– It’s pretty cool.

I guzzled down my black espresso and darted down the four flights of steps to the street, up the road, and in to the hot room. Happy birthday Lexy!

I sauntered in around half seven, all the yogi staff sung me happy birthday and I grew flushed, prematurely, with shyness.

“Thanks. Thanks. May I have a towel please?”

I popped my towel under my arm, and opened my coconut water– loving birthdays for presents. A lot. How nice are presents!?

I had a great class and wore a different body suit cause everything else is wet at the moment, as it goes– and it’s a winner– why had I been neglecting my winning suit? s a v a s n a —

I left yoga feeling good, welcome, loved– And then I got to Oxford street and crossed the road as I read a text, newly arrived from my old man.

“28… Whoops. Where did the years go? Ha, when I was 28 you were two. Cute little bugger. Have a happy reflective day. Talk later. Pa. x.”

And just like that. The birthday girls burst in to tears.



Now I can’t jump too far down the rabbit hole here– It’s 16:39 and I’ve got 21 minutes to post this, edit this, check my inbox and start getting ready. It’s a race against time. It’s been a funny day.

But birthdays, traditionally for me, are a time for introspection– They tire me out, wrap me up and really cause me to think how it is I came to survive another year– really.

I’m not a baby anymore– but I’m still not standing on my own two strong feet exactly.

I don’t need to be burped or insulted or resprimanded or raised– But I often need a cuddle and a loan.

That’s not that grown up, really.

I’ve got some spicy shiraz on the go, and some joints and some fake tan that’s drying. Not a lot. It’s spring! And it’s my birthday! And I’ve got pink nails! And pink hair! And it’s ok. You know… Whatever it is… It’s ok.

Here’s proof.

Oops. No proof. Photobooth is cactus. This dear, darling MacBook Pro really is on its last legs. Come on Australian Government! Give a girl a chance to maintain a banging blog! Please…

I must away, but hey, how’s this– Eight months with Leonard, and sure, he’s still not answering my calls– but 28 years on the planet– really– I mean, really– ain’t no small feat entirely.


One Response to “While The Fake Tan Dries The Blog Shall Be Written.”
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