Baby Got Bounce.

I stumbled out of bed, I got ready for the struggle–

My nets slow tonight.
I’ve had a big day.
Four and a half hours of Bikram yoga– yeah, I know…

One of my favorite instructors asked me how I was going to go today. We talked about toxic people. And how, as with everything else about yoga– your behavior just naturally gravitates towards healthy choices. Toxic friends start to disappear. You don’t think about drinking or eating anything you haven’t cooked yourself. You get to bed early. You’re ultimately alone.

I made mention of the fact I’d found this challenge a lot lonelier than the last.

It takes up a lot of your time.

It means you go to yoga after work, not the pub.

You get up early. You have to time when you eat.

Prior to a vegan degustation spread I made for my sister and tonight, I hadn’t eaten all day.

Staminade, baby.

I walked home tonight trying not to get my certificate stained by my sweaty palms. I noticed couples and families, walking and driving. And I felt myself float above it. Over the top of it. I was completely alone. And that was completely ok.

“I had to move from my old neighborhood after my second challenge Alex. All my friends thought I had gone mad. I just really started looking out for myself…”

I just did something really cool. Just for me. And it actually wasn’t that hard. Today was madness but that was an exception– I had to make up for some classes I’d missed due to a busier work schedule this time around. That was fine. No drama.

I’m exhausted now though.


And ready for bed.

namaste– x.


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