If you spend a bit of time on the internet in a country that is not Australia, the first thing you will inevitably come to learn is that there are a lot of things not really available to Australians.

When I was in New York year before last I happened to spend, as I do, irrespective of where I am, a lot of time on the internet. And the internet there is well different to the internet here. Like, a lot different.

Search something. Anything. And bam! You find what you’re looking for right away. Just like that.

I mention this only because I stopped in at my local on my way home from work tonight– A friend asked me to find something on youtube that I’d sent her a while ago.

This was it. And it took me some 20 minutes to find. Which is ridiculous really. Ridiculous.

Time to get off the island again thinks me.

Thinks Leonard also.

Bullet to the head.

Makes me wonder what I’m missing– A lot is what I figure. A whole lot.


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  1. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

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