Disco Had a Baby and Named it House. Then Funk Had a Baby and Named it Hip Hop. Apparently.

I’ve company and yet–

I’m doing that partially rude blogging thing while a guest,
or two
or three
do something else–

It’s become a recurrent theme– naturally– I’ve been plugging away at this for eight months now.

I’ve done this partially rude thing a fair bit, come to think of it.

My wee Year With Leonard Cohen has actually become my favorite decoy– If I’m honest.

The number of situations I’ve managed to subtract myself from this year– because of Leonard– has been a remarkable feat.

It suits me to leave early.

It didn’t used to.

Historically, I’ve always been the last man standing.


So it’s come as a curious experiment to have to leave early to get myself to a computer and an internet connection.

I’ve been in loads of situations that have been made far more interesting by leaving–

This is one of them.


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