There’s An Argument Brewing–

I’ve got a house full of peeps–

None of which are partial to discussing Leonard Cohen.

“What is that alarm!? You have a blog alarm?”

I’m weird apparently.

My bathroom especially.

It’s a nostalgic new moment–

Fuji Rock.

Sweet Japan.

Bolivian love…

“I want to become a British Che Guevra.”

Wine spills.

Music stops.

I make a note of finding me some Dex Pistols.

There’s a lot, I’m reminded, that I need to write– To many stories have I. These days. Far too many. It’s useless talking about it. Useless. I need me some more money. And just a wee bit of time. Just a bit. They’re all waiting. It’s time.


One Response to “There’s An Argument Brewing–”
  1. AnTiViRuS says:

    keep it real, iight

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