Oh How I Love Speculating Over What Celebrities Lives Might Be Like… Please…

I’m at my sisters house warming.
I think I’m meant to be helping set up but I’m not.
I’m perched high above the street on her balcony, drinking Semillon and pinching her dongle for blogging purposes.
I’m not permitted to play any of my own music nor share any of my own opinions, really.
Which is cool.
I can do whatever I want at my place.
So without further adue–
Here’s a track I just found, which, incidentally I’m also not permitted to listen to.
Though it is Joan Baez, and she’s a cracker in my book– Plus I do love this song.
I have a twitchy thumb.
An RSI little panic.
It’s cute.
According to me.
I’ll be depending upon it laregly this evening for company–
Never know ya luck in a big city, I remind myself
as I refill my glass and nod a bit–
I’m here to nod.
That’s my gig.
“Oh hi, how are you?”
“Yeah good…”

Miss England.
A bit.
And wonder whom I might befriend tonight.
My stars are looking good, if nothing else–



One Response to “Oh How I Love Speculating Over What Celebrities Lives Might Be Like… Please…”
  1. Dazzler says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    I’ve been enjoying reading your posts refracted through Leonard’s work and thought you might be interested in the couple of performances of a new show I’m helping put together for the Sydney Fringe Festival.

    It’s called Cohen Koans and aims to explore the myth and magic of the man through his poetry and song. We’re on at Notes In Enmore on Sun 19th and Thurs 23rd and we’d love to hear feedback from the Cohen connoisseurs, particularly on some of our more adventurous arrangements of his songs!

    More details at



    Daryl Wallis

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