A Birthing Rite.

I’m watching a British documentary on SBS about birthing–

I remain unconvinced it need be so fucking traumatic.

My sister said an interesting thing the other night. She thinks the reason why birthing is so traumatic for western women is because we only ever relay anecdotes of horror. And I think she’s right.

I dunno, I’m a lot more holistic about the whole affair– pranayama breathing– not gas– a familiar environment– not a hospital. My choice. Not that of some fella in a white coat.

Now apparently the following video contains graphic that may be inappropriate for younger viewers– case in point:


One Response to “A Birthing Rite.”
  1. Greg says:

    I agree with certain elements of your post love. I could not get over how many people said to BJ, when she told them she was pregnant, how horid their birth experience was. Or people would say their “friend” or whomever had a horrible time.

    This is the first thing said, occasionally you might get a “congratulations” first but the second thing would be the horror story.

    BJ would actually tell them to stop…I dont want to hear it…she would say it should be all sunshine and moon beams, others would tell her that she had to be realistic and that things could go wrong.

    Of course you are aware of that but it doesnt mean it should be the first thing you think of.

    As for familiar surroundings etc – that is fine and I guess you too are thinking the sunshine and moonbeams theory but there is nothing like the safety and expertise of a hospital (and a private one at that – at the risk of sounding elitest) but it is a fact! We have experienced the public & private system first hand and after all the private advantage is what you pay all that money for. It isnt the staff it is the system…but that is a whole other 1000 word essay.

    So my advice – surround yourself with experts so that if the sun doesnt shine and the moon doesnt beam you know that there are people on hand to save/help/assist the most precious thing ever!
    Ask your Mum 🙂

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