I Thought Today Was Leonard’s Birthday–

Turns out it’s not–
It’s the 21st not the 19th.
I thought today was going to be much busier–
But it wasn’t.
I’ve still plants to repot
and clothes to hang
and teeth to brush– but–

I don’t care to.
I don’t want to.

We’re allergic to chilling–
culturally, today, I woke to a war, like a warning– a marathon through the city that cut off the access from my folks new place to mine–


You can’t pass.

We’re jogging.

Like, a lot of us, we’re all jogging.

Which is cool– that’s cool–

I imagine cutting the city in half though–
for half a day–
Half a Sunday–

I imagine making everyone wait.

You know–

For an entire succession of yogis.

I imagine what that would do to SYDNEY. How it might not cope–

It’s boring that all we do is jog–

It’s boring that we still chuckle at yogis.

I find it really boring.



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