It’s An Adventure Harry, It’s Good For You…

I’ve had the most delicious day–
chilling, nursing some things…

A wee feast of veal scallopone Picatta
and a lovely bottle of chilled Viognier, all to myself.
No sharing. Whatsoever.

no doubt,
I’ll re-pot all my growing, living things– The city dries them out, steals their nutrients, robs their soil. Dad bought me some fertiliser and potting mix, you see. Last weekend. Where does the time go?

A girlfriend has raided her cellar and will be here within the hour.

I’m watching Mammia Mia on channel 7.
Meryl Streep holds a striking resemblance to my mother.

And Pierce Brosnan a remarkable similarity to my pappa.

I’ve always thought this and it pleases me to watch and imagine– To wonder.

My sister and I often talk of this–

How we’re lucky,
they’ll be crystalised, for us,
long after their gone.

Which means a lot to us.

Because we have all this.

All of it.
all of the time.

Each other, all of the time.


One Response to “It’s An Adventure Harry, It’s Good For You…”
  1. weighty says:

    gonna send this to my mom

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