A Subconscious Choice.

I was discussing with a friend today the nature of subconscious choices– You know, the ones you make subconsciously though you may bang on about how tortured your trajectory be– or how things never quite work out for you– or you know, how it’s never your turn…

I do believe we chose this stuff.

Just as much as I believe my Strep throat this week was most assuredly as a result of a few things I’ve not been saying, but meaning to. You know?

I spent $300 on lingerie today, fuck know who for– Me, I guess– This has nothing to do with subconscious choices, I just wanted to throw that in there. Wanna see? Yeah? k…

And some togs– which I can’t seem to find.

Why am I writing this?

I dunno…

I’ve nothing much else to say really.



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