Don’t Fight It.

“I think it (writing) is actually a victory over suffering…”
– Leonard Cohen on CNN with some annoying blonde bird.

I’ve spent the past 48 hours in a bit of a tizz. A very personal and antsy one. I think confronting conversations are always just that– confronting– but there’s an additional component, if you think about, that morphs that cheeky little sugar pill down to something quite bitter and a little gag worthy as it goes down. The component is expectation.

We’ve all been in those pre-arranged confronting share house meetings. You know, the ones that orchestrated over a series of text messages over a series of days so as to exert power and influence while stacking evidence, filing your case. We’ve all sat around awkwardly on the couch as someone says their piece and you either listen and know that they’re right or that they’re bipolar and it’s perhaps time to move on. Either way, there’s an expectation. You can see it coming. So it’s different.

I think the confronting truth is the new truth. The one that shuts you up. Makes you tired. Makes you think. The one you don’t have an answer to just yet. That one. This one.

Oh and a wee sound bite from Paulo Coelho’s blog today which I found to be delightfully charmed and simple:

I’m listening to Christian radio this morning (103.10 Hope FM)– for a giggle mainly– they’re talking about grief. About denying your feelings and replacing your losses. Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it. Don’t fight it if you don’t know what it is, eh. Eh?


2 Responses to “Don’t Fight It.”
  1. Hedley Galt says:

    Hmmm just doing the timing on those 48 hours…

  2. How do you mean? Your messages get approved automatically it would seem– I hadn’t noticed this comment until now.

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