I Spent The Evening Speaking Japanese To A Brick Wall & Two Dogs:

I’ve copped a bit of bad blog press of late.

Which is cool.

More cool than ever really, as the whole point of this entire enterprise was a wee sojourn in self-discovery, for me, personally, and let’s face it, the thing we all hate (and love, mind) the most about blogs is that they’re personal. I represent no one other than myself as I write here. I speak on behalf of no one other than myself also. And one of the many bold, big, brash lessons I learnt from working in journalism– and music– is how many arm chair critics actually feel like their opinions matter. Haha. There’s loads of them. Loads.

So in maintaining this daily blog I have set out– and achieved, thankfully, wonderfully– a happy medium.

I’m glad people read this.

I’m glad people talk about it, even if negatively.

And I’m glad I’ve kept it up.

But honestly, really and truly really, at the very base of my little insignificant soul I do not give a flying fuck if you don’t like it, or if it scares you or makes you feel odd or if you deem it too self revelatory or what not. I really don’t care. And in realising this today I was also reminded of how much one produces in a year, writing a daily blog. See, I come home with thoughts of “Oh fuck, you can’t use that quote again, or link that clip or mention that book or blah, blah, blah…” But I forget. Or no ones ever said as much, so maybe I never knew, but most cats that happen upon something I’ve written don’t STUDY it, they just glance, take a gander, smell the roses for a mili-second in between answering their phone or paying a bill or waiting for the train to arrive. I forget this.

And it’s because of this– that I have my most recent negative feedback– to thank.

I had no idea.

Or I’d forgotten.

As I said, I move fast– as slow as I can but still fast– I live in a major city, I work full time, I practice Bikram yoga everyday, some days I’m drunk, some days I’m not, sometimes I’m ok, others I’m far from it– I’m a human, you know? A busy human. Aren’t we all?

But writers are busy in a different way to most cats. And writers critique things in a different way to most cats.

My most recent feedback, or criticisms have not been from writers and I want to make a very serious point of respecting and acknowledging that kind of banter– because it does matter to me. It does count.

But so does this:

“I’m good at love, I’m good at hate, it’s in between I freeze.” – Leonard Cohen.

Fear of Sharks:

And this:


And this:

Moonshadow: Reminds me of my dad, does Cat.

And this:
Kisses to all– but mainly to England.

All of which, I suppose, would seem old hat to you– had you been reading from the beginning, up to now.

There’s another wee story too, to add–

Some of the most poignant feedback I’ve received this year has been from old shoes– lost hats– ancient friends– who’ve come to find me, happen upon this blog and write me to say: “Save me some time. Send me your four best links. I’ve missed you.”

That’s all.



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