Fantasy First.

“I do not know all my knowledge and I know that this is my strength.”

I’m having a very superficial day–

I’m tending to my garden–

I’m deciding what next to wear–

And how to style my hair–

and toes
that’s how happiness grows

As we dine and we talk–

And days turns to night–
a lot of it’s fantasy–
a lot.


2 Responses to “Fantasy First.”
  1. yuk. shame. like totally gross. says:

    I do not believe this blog is fooling anyone but the most stupid of fools. While nobody reads it anyway, yet you are obsessed with it, enough to lie through your mouth about it, but then this is your normal state of existence, I hear, there can be nothing to conclude except you are a complete and utter psychopath, which is also what I hear from “reliable” sources, not that you care for things such as this.

    You should be utterly disgusted with your egotistical self. Hideous hideous and desperate creature.

    You would make people sick if they really knew.

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