This Is A Meditation.

“I will abandon fear and terror and I will recognise whatever appears as a projection of my own mind…”
– The Tibetan Book of The Dead.

Now, never mind what these youtube clips ‘look’ like. I am the first to admit the alternative health industry is in dire need of a rebrand– But bare with me– I’ve got something for you.

I spent the afternoon today at Bikram yoga and then at Bondi Pavillion for a session of sound bowls and meditation.

It’s nice to be safe and sound in the comfort of my own home now, so chill, so sober, so not out amongst it, waiting for my turn to speak, for a phone to ring or for someone to arrive (or leave, as the case may be.)

I’m alone.

I’m safe.

And I’m silent.

So go have lie down. Turn everything off. And go some place existential without all the flutter and volume and/or chemical distractions… Just see what’s happening on the inside. Focus on your internal organs rather than whether or not you find a park. Acknowledge yourself as a life force. As a thing that ebbs and flows. Goes up, come back down. Moves in and out of things. Observe yourself as a firewire, connected to absolutely everything and separate all the same.

An outro:



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