Julie & Julie.

“You don’t have to be anxious about the things you don’t think about– Jeez…”

Now that quote, while unrelated, is something I just said to my very anxious mate just now and it made us both laugh.

Hey, how are you? How are things? Yeah, ok. Cool.

So it’s recently been brought to my attention that folk whom don’t frequent my dinner parties or hang in my flat or work with me or know me through someone who knows someone think I’m writing this blog in view of turning it in to a book. I’m not. I don’t think. I should sort myself out with some trackbacks though, I reckon. It’s funny, you know… I failed my blogging module for my MA in writing. Failed the whole fucking thing. Had to write another one towards to end to make up for what I’d lost. I’ll find you a link to that blog actually. It was good. I loved writing that thing– Plus it got me a piece of paper, albeit one that still sits in a box. I actually purchased some new pictures frames– on a whim a few weeks ago– to frame my degrees. Ha. I never have. I happened upon them the other night while searching feverously for late night tally-hos, as it goes. Which reminds me to frame ‘dem pieces of paper. Both of them. I framed my two Bikram Yoga Challenge certificates as I earned them. Right away. Sweaty yoga hands do not for well manicured certificates make. And to be honest, I’ve enjoyed having them on my wall. A thing in a frame. People talk. I remember. That’s enough.

So no. Not writing a book about Leonard Cohen. Just maintaining a blog every day– for a year– out of respect. Oodles and oodles of respect.

But now I’ve got my mate in one ear trying to coax me out of the house and up the road to some loud place that wants my money. And my editorial subconscious in the other ear saying– Oi, have another read through, find that photo of your certificates, maybe do a wee, take a deep breath, have a little sip of that Sorby Adams Margaret River ’05 Cabernet merlot and just be. Present. For. A. Moment.



Driving directions from Melbourne Victoria, Australia to Darlinghurst, NSW, Australia (via Princes Highway/Great Ocean Road)
= 16 hours 5 mins
= 1,055 km.

MA bog that was ok, apparently: http://lexcoffey.wordpress.com/

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