Copy + Paste.

“He is our Shelley; he is our Lord Byron…” – Bono.

Who cares about Bono.

“Leonard Cohen was the first artist I discovered by myself. He is the symbol of my musical independence. The sadness of Cohen was inspiring; it gave me a lot of energy. I always remember all this when someone says that my records are morbid or depressing.”
– Nick Cave.

Love Nick. Might go visit his home town mid-Great Ocean Road sojourn. Might.

“I tell you who I also think is wonderful is a chap called Leonard Cohen. Do you know him? He’s remarkable. I mean, the orchestration is fantastic and the words, the lyrics and everything, he’s a remarkable man.” – Prince Charles

“Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld/ so I can sigh eternally.” – Nirvana, ‘Pennyroyal Tea.’

Ar, what else?

The Frontier Touring Company and Roundhouse Entertainment are honoured to present the legendary Mr Leonard Cohen in his second Australian concert tour in almost a quarter of a century. The tour will include a series of indoor arena concerts plus a one wee secluded gig at Hanging Rock in rural Victoria. KAPOW!

Promoter Michael Gudinski has said the Leonard Cohen tour is a must see for any self-respecting music lover.

“The Leonard Cohen concert I saw last… year… was almost a religious experience. Fans were captivated the moment Leonard walked out onto the stage. His band and backing vocalists are first class, and the man himself can only be described as magical.

“It’s one of the few concerts that I’ve seen that has kept me in one spot from start to finish – not wanting to miss a moment of what ended up being more than three hours of musical genius.”

Leonard Cohen is a true music icon, the writer of such timeless classics as “Hallelujah”, “Suzanne”, “Bird On A Wire”, “Sisters Of Mercy”, “First We Take Manhattan”, “Everybody Knows”, and countless other universally loved songs.

A celebrated poet, author, master songsmith and hypnotic performer, Leonard Cohen has received rapturous reviews for his recent shows across the UK, Europe and Canada, his first concert performances anywhere since 1993.

“His first show on British soil in 15 years was immaculate, beautiful, exquisite … one of the giants of popular song, who had the audience in his grip for the best part of three hours.” THE DAILY TELEGRAPH [UK].


“The level of cultural excitement at Cohen’s three sold-out shows in Dublin bordered on mass hysteria … an event of biblical dimensions.” – THE IRISH INDEPENDENT.

“The acrid, dystopian humour … is a reminder that the only people who dub Cohen depressing are those that don’t get the jokes.”

Love it.

“It’s a show which, as you might hope, illustrates both the gravity of Cohen’s music and the great warmth of his wit. The poet-cum-20th century oracle steered the assembled throng through a sing-along of any of his hits that you could hope for.”

Leonard Cohen’s impact on modern popular music has been widespread and profound. Artists ranging from Bono to Nick Cave cite Cohen as a major influence on their own work. His songs have been covered by generations of artists from REM, Elton John, Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, Bob Dylan, Imogen Heap, Johnny Cash, them Rufus lot and loads of others.

Even before shifting his focus from poetry and novels to music in the late-1960s, Leonard Cohen has been the subject of countless books and films, most recently in the feature documentary “Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man” by Australian film-maker Lian Lunson. The film included footage from the sold-out Cohen tribute concerts at the Sydney Opera House in 2005, which saw the likes of Nick Cave, Jarvis Cocker, Rufus Wainwright and many other celebrated performers gather together to pay homage to Cohen and his extraordinary cannon of songs.

I wasn’t there. I was in Japan.

Earlier this year, when Cohen was inducted into the US Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, his old friend Lou Reed put it most succinctly:
“We’re so lucky to be alive at the same time Leonard Cohen is.”

It is only apt that Australia’s own poet laureate, Paul Kelly, join Leonard Cohen on tour for the Australian dates. The eight-time ARIA Award winner and ARIA Hall of Fame inductee is renowned for his powerful lyrics and passionate performances. I love Paul. He’s as close as we may ever get to Cohen down here, I think.

At 76, Leonard Cohen is an undeniable master of song, a living legend. It is a privilege and honour that Mr Leonard Cohen and his retinue are touring my bloody big country this week.

This will be a once-in-a-generation concert event for all lovers of fine music, a spellbinding show from one of the true masters.

Ladies and gentlemen… Mr. Leonard Cohen.

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  1. raluca says:

    I would like to be an important personality to bring big words about leonard cohen. i m just a common one, so my words are just too few and my feelings are too deep. Cohen is a part of me…my favorite game…

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