The Most Important Thing You May Ever Learn About Sex.

It can end badly.
Really badly.
My blog account was hacked at some stage since yesterday and tonight.
I’ve decided to delete the posts written– despite the fact I’ve been quite honest– publishing all my press, albeit it positive or otherwise– but in this instance I have opted not to promote sabotage as I neither endorse it, nor feel threatened by it. It’s a curious thing writing a daily blog for all to see. I marvel at the number of readers juxtaposed to the number of comments left behind. Most days I’m proud of it, though I do find myself cringing from post to post, impossibly far removed from a computer or internet connection. I consider all responses and have tolerated plenty in the process– So it comes as no surprise really that someone might want to jump in and make a mess, slash my tyres, spike my drink, put vasoline in my shoes or steal my boyfriend– Speaking of betrayal, I only learned yesterday of Cohen being betrayed by longtime Californian lover Kelley Lynch, a former manager who defrauded him of $US9 million and continues to ignore a court order to return the money.

No kisses tonight.

One Response to “The Most Important Thing You May Ever Learn About Sex.”
  1. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working ,great job!

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