A Year In Retrospect, Almost.

So it occurs to me today that I have thirty-one posts remaining in my Year With Leonard Cohen.


A lot less than 356.

A lot less than 100.

It’s a small digit.

Particularly when you consider all the things I wanted to achieve in that time– and a few of the things I’d never thought of, which brings me to this evenings blog– I wanted to write something tonight about this blog I’ve been writing every day, almost for a year now rather than Leonard. I wanted to write something about myself rather than anyone else. An update of sorts.

For me and for an audience, as you must remember when I began this sweat in January of this year I was on my own… There was no audience.

I wanted a new lover.

A healthy one.

So naturally, that had to involve writing and it had to involve being entirely alone– which– if we are all honest with ourselves– we all are– entirely.


I find myself. Here. Now.

I’m co-managing a Bikram Yoga studio.

I’m well.

I’m writing daily.

And some 200 odd of you lot are all bothering to wake up and at some stage throughout the course of your day swing by and see what I’m up to. Which is nice.

It’s also nice that in 325 posts I’ve not flailed once. Not once. And that, dear ears has been an extraordinary exercise in and of itself.

The anxiety.

The chaos.

The impulse.

Let. It. Go.

You will find an internet connection.

You will manage to articulate your thoughts in time.


Inhale belly rise.
Exhale belly fall.

I’m going to write about this a little more over the coming days, as a way of capping things off, making sense of the process and filling some folk in as I’ve been cryptic to some but overly exposing to others and it’s a tricky business, this nonfiction caper–

It really is.

For you, of me,

Lexi Loo who feels a lot like a happy person at long last.



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