All The Rumours of My Virtue–

I thought I’d be rewarded for such a lonely choice. And surely she would answer to such a very hopeless voice. I practiced all my sainthood, I gave to one and all. But the rumours of my virtue, they moved her not at all.

I’ve had a big weekend– despite–in spite– of the supposed respite.

I will write more when I have time.

I walked a lot today, with a new friend, a lot.
This much, in fact:

(See, there’d be a map here if the internet in this country was not so crap.) Cunts.

I also spent most of the weekend feeling like a parent, for the first time in my life– Responsible. And in a big way. A real way.

I’m weary now and I must call England, though it’s late and I also need sleep–
The things we do.
For the folk.



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