Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree–

I’ve half an hour to get this up.
I’ve also got Beyond 2000 to watch out the corner of my eye while I get ready for this evenings Christmas soiree at work. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned as yet– but I recently took on a co-managerial role at my local Bikram Yoga studio– and I like it– a lot. Once a year we invite everyone who passes through our doors to a celebration of sorts. A Rami Sivan Ayuervedic blessing then some burlesque thing and some sword swallowers and a male belly dancer and a few DJs and hours and hours of bendy dance floor happenings. It’ll be fun. Despite my coldsores. (Thanks James.) There’ll be photos. You’ll see. Loads of the things.


3 Responses to “Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree–”
  1. Hedley says:

    Coldsores?!?! Does that mean you’ve actually kissed England??? Like for real???

  2. visible man says:

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