What The Fuck Am I Doing With My Music?

I picked up my guitar earlier tonight– and now it’s 22:29.

I enjoyed our shy little revisit as I sacrificed my Christmas manicure and put on a wee performance in my flat. My neighbours– across the lane– are having a big party– the garden smokers busted my arse and whistled. I hid behind the sink until they stopped.

It’s a funny little story. I could write about it forever– and will. Only not tonight. For tonight I fancy pezzing out in front of the television, drinking my shiraz and relishing in all the fruits of my days labor. So i shant go in to it. Or the heart of any other matter. BUt rather, mention a a delightful human I work with relayed to me her fortnights sabbatical, replete with anecdotes of family and Christmas on the north New South Wales coast. “Plenty of time to read your blog,” she confessed, chuckling– Anyhow, she’s gone and ordered herself a Leonard Cohen DVD as a consequence and I thought it definitely worth a mention she begin here… from the beginning. I love this film.

Ladies & Gentlemen, Introducing Leonard Cohen.

“He has chosen a path that’s infinitely wide without direction – this he says, is a very good path for someone who moves in the very funny way he does.”

LC: i havent a single concern.

Host: how can you be a good poet and not care about something?

LC: i do the poetry you do the commentary

Host: let’s get this straight, there is nothing that worries you?? nothing that bothers you?? how can you write if youre not bothered by something?

LC: well im bothered when i get up in the morning. my real concern is to discover whether or not if im in a state of grace, and if i make that investigation and discover that im not in a state of grace i try to go to bed.

Host: what do you mean by a state of grace? that’s a phrase i never understood.

LC: a state of grace is that kind of balance with which you ride the chaos that you find around you. its not a matter of resolving the chaos as there is something arrogant and war-like about putting the world in order but having that kind of an escape ski, down over a hill, just going through the contours

Host: you have lost me.



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